Our vision

We are redefining the future of digital marketing, blending strategy with Ai to unlock groundbreaking growth in the moving industry. We're not just predicting the future; we're creating it.

From Movers to Market Leaders

Our leadership at Mover Marketing Ai isn't just skilled in marketing; Our founders, Nick DiMoro and Marcus Henning, have a combined wealth of experience in not only running successful moving operations but also mastering the art of digital marketing and SEO to elevate those businesses above the competition. This intimate, insider knowledge of the moving industry, combined with a fervent passion for innovative marketing, is what sets us apart. We don't just understand the moving business; we've lived it, triumphed in it, and now we bring this unparalleled expertise to craft marketing strategies that our competitors simply can't match.

Nicholas DiMoro: Pioneering Marketing Excellence in Moving

Nick’s journey began in the trenches of the moving industry, where he quickly ascended to the role of Chief Marketing Officer at MyProMovers. Under his leadership, the company expanded from a modest two-truck operation to a fleet of over 16 trucks in just three years. His secret? A deep understanding of SEO and targeted marketing strategies tailored specifically for moving companies. Recognizing the broader need in the industry, Nick pivoted during the 2020 pandemic to establish Mover Marketing, aiming to empower moving company owners like you across the nation.

Marcus Henning: Data Driven Growth in Moving

Marcus’s expertise in technical data analytics and data management initially served the Department of Defense before he channeled his skills into his own venture 12 years ago, NewView Moving in Arizona. There, he leveraged cutting-edge SEO and data-driven strategies to create a unique network of multiple 7-figure moving brand locations to catapult his moving business to new heights. His approach not only increased his company’s visibility but also its operational efficiency and customer acquisition.

Together, Moving You Forward

In 2023, driven by a shared vision to amplify the success of fellow moving entrepreneurs, Nick and Marcus united their expertise. They rebranded to Mover Marketing Ai, expanded their operations to San Carlos, Mexico, and assembled a larger, more dynamic team of over 12 dedicated marketers and engineers. This talented team is committed to developing innovative, customized marketing strategies that ensure your moving company doesn't just grow—it thrives.

Why Partner with Us?

When you choose Mover Marketing Ai, you're not just selecting a marketing firm; you're partnering with seasoned veterans who are as passionate about the moving industry as you are. With our unique insider perspective and proven marketing techniques, we help you:

  • Expand Your Reach: Harness the power of SEO and data analytics to increase your visibility and attract more customers.
  • Scale Your Operations: Utilize targeted marketing strategies that we’ve tested and perfected to grow your business efficiently.
  • Outpace Competitors: Benefit from bespoke marketing solutions that put you several moves ahead of your competition.
Nicholas DiMoro
Chief Marketing Officer
Marcus Henning
Chief Technical Officer
Alvaro Leon
Office Manager
Tanvirur Rashid
Lead Web Designer
Zusette Avechuco
Content Strategist
Rhea Defensor
SEO Assistant
Carlos Lopez
Lead Technical Developer
Anahi Rodriguez
Lead Graphic Designer
Frida Navarro
Social Media Manager
Lorenia Cervantes
Brand Designer
Alejandro Martinez
Call Analysis
Emilio Zaragoza Garcia
Call Analysis

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